Environmental Matters

ARIAS, FABREGA & FABREGA's environmental lawyers are widely regarded as leaders in their field and provide advice to clients in environmentally sensitive industries, such as the manufacturing, chemical, petroleum and mining industries.

Our lawyers are not only experts on local environmental laws, but they are also very knowledgeable of criminal laws and international treaties on environmental matters which have been ratified by Panama, including the Kyoto Protocol, the 1954 OIL POL, the 1969 CLC, the Vienna Convention and Montreal Protocol and the Basel Convention.

The broad range of environmental regulations on which we advise clients includes regulations on air pollution, soil contamination, water and ocean pollution, noise pollution, industrial waste treatment and disposal, ozone and climate changes and health and workplace conditions.

Representative Clients

BHP Minerals International Inc., Cyprus Amax Minerals Company, Holcim, Inmet Mining Corporation and RTZ Corporation Plc.

Representative Transactions