Estates, Trusts and Foundations

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega's lawyers in the field of trusts and foundations provide a wide range of services to individual clients in Panama and around the world.

ARIFA's lawyers in this area also work closely with ARIFA's tax experts to provide tax planning services to clients and with ARIFA's litigation experts in estates and family disputes.

Through their offices in the British Virgin Islands and their affiliate SwissARIFA, they provide trustee services to a selected group of wealthy individuals and families whose assets and personal circumstances require the appointment of an independent and professional trustee.  In Panama, they also provide foundation council services and nominee Director services through their affiliate ARIFA Corporate Services.

The firm's approach is to rigorously determine its clients' needs, relying upon its lawyers' experience and drawing upon their knowledge of a variety of structured products from different jurisdictions, to suggest straight-forward solutions to clients.  ARIFA legal team strives to provide the best professional advice in a highly personalized manner to clients.  When necessary, with the approval of their clients, they approach professional advisors and accountants in other jurisdictions to review the proposed structures.