Business & Corporate Law

For years, Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega legal teams have enabled the firm to act as a bridge between legal and business cultures.

And since 2013, it helps provide effective legal services through its Business & Corporate Law Group. A legal specialized team comprised of attorneys with the ability to lead and handle important international transactions, and with great knowledge on the various areas of Panamanian laws and government-led strategies concerning internationalization of its service sector and the expansion of business activities.

Among other things, ARIFA Business & Corporate Law Group stands out for its ability to render the most efficient and cost effective legal services to the domestic and international markets in finance, corporate, commercial, and other business deals.

The Group also provides comprehensive legal counsel to clients assessing establishment of business operations in Panama. Legal team members advise clients seeking to attract foreign investment flow into and out of Panama, identifying and implementing the most appropriate corporate structures and special economic zones regimes available.