Use your Company

Whether you need to open a bank account, to buy an apartment or any other property, to enter into any commercial agreement, to grant a power of attorney, to appoint the directors of your company, to transfer shares of your company or to enter into any other business, at ARIFA Corporate Services, we can help.

Our team of skilled lawyers and company agents are ready to assist you with:

  • Preparation and filing shareholder and Board resolutions
  • Preparation and filing of powers of attorney
  • Preparation of bank and investment account opening forms
  • Appointment of directors and officers
  • Search of corporate records
  • Procurement of certified copies of corporate documents
  • Procurement of certificates of good standing
  • Notarization, apostilling and legalization of corporate documents
  • Transfer of stocks
  • Amendment to articles of incorporation and other organizational documents
  • Merger and combination of companies
  • Migration and re-domiciliation of companies
  • Dissolution and liquidation of companies
  • Translation services

When your corporate or business transaction demands the preparation of more complex articles of incorporation, sophisticated shareholders' agreements or merger agreements, we draw on the expertise of lawyers from ARIFA's M&A and Corporations Practice Group.