PLC Environment Multi-jurisdictional Guide, Panama chapter (2011/12 - 2012/13)

The seventh edition of the PLC Environment Multi-jurisdictional Guide brings together practical information
on topical cross-border environment issues, country-specific Q&As on environment law and practice, and details of recommended environment lawyers and law firms in 29 jurisdictions around the world. In addition, answers to questions can be compared across a number of jurisdictions to assist in the management of cross-border transactions.

As members of a law firm recognized for its expertise in environmental law, senior associates Sofia J. Cohen and Fernando Aued, with the assistance of associate Claudio De Castro, contributed to this edition with a complete Q&A guide of environmental law and practice in Panama. The country chapter gives a structured overview of the key practical issues, including emissions to air and water, environmental impact assessments, waste, contaminated land, and environmental issues in transactions.

About PLC Multi-jurisdictional Guides
The PLC Environment Multi-jurisdictional Guide (2012/13) forms one of a number of Handbooks published by the Practical Law Company.

ARIFA’s contribution is reproduced with permission from The Practical Law Company (PLC) as an added benefit for its clients.