PLC Cross-border Doing Business in... Handbook (2011)

The PLC Cross-border Doing Business in…Handbook is a useful and informative publication co-branded by Lex Mundi and Practical Law Company (PLC). It provides country-by-country overviews of the legal system and key laws for in-house counsel and other lawyers, consultants, and professionals around the world. 

As the Lex Mundi member firm for Panama, ARIFA has been invited to participate in its 16th edition with a complete jurisdictional overview.

ARIFA partner Estif Aparicio, with the assistance of international associate Carin Stelp, contributed to this complete guide providing essential reading and reference material to key players worldwide.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact any of its authors.

About PLC Cross-border Doing Business in... Handbook
This edition covers 58 jurisdictional overviews written by Lex Mundi member firms around the world and marks the sixth year that Lex Mundi has collaborated with PLC on this exciting publishing venture.

ARIFA’s contribution is reproduced with permission from Practical Law Company (PLC) as an added benefit for its clients.