BBA Aviation in two exclusive ASIG's Contract with International Tocumen Airport

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega advised BBA Aviation, a leading global aviation services and aftermarket support provider with the world's largest and market-leading FBO network, in connection with the Incorporation of company member of the consortium that participated in the Direct Contract by Invitation to participate the Concessions for the

  1. 20 years onerous provision of aeronautic services for the commercial exploitation of the business of fuel and lubricant supply for commercial aircrafts at the Tocumen International airport;
  2. 15 years contract for the provision of management and operation to the airport's sole jet fuel facility.

The firm assisted the client at homologation meetings, drafting proposal, drafting all relevant resolutions, powers and documents required under Panama law to participate in the contract by invitation including liaising with relevant parties to obtain the required bonds.  Presenting proposal, attending meetings with legal department at airport to complete the contract once awarded to the client.

ARIFA also provided assistance and guidance during the leasing at Tocumen Airport and the hiring process at the start of operations.

ASIG is a wholly owned subsidiary of BBA Aviation and a recognized leader in the commercial aviation services industry, offering a full range of ground handling, fueling, and airport facility services. This new ASIG location marks ASIG's entrance into Latin America.