US$926.5 million purchase of 30% interest in Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND) by Ambev

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega acted as counsel to E. León Jimenes, S.A. in the restructuring of its joint venture with Ambev, S.A. as the company extended their 2012 corporate agreement and agreed to sell Ambev an additional 30% interest in Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND), the leading beer company in the Caribbean, for the amount of US$926.5 million.

The present acquisition strengthens the alliance between E. Leon Jimenes and Ambev as Cervecería Nacional Dominicana (CND) consolidated itself as the leader of Caribbean drinks. The agreement increases Ambev’s control over the producer of Presidente from 55% to 85% of the shares, while preserving the strategic relationship with the León Family Group that still holds 15% of the shares.